Screening Program March 2014

1. "Sugar Street" by Bao Nguyen documentary / portrait of a candy-maker in Hanoi Vietnamese with English subtitles 4min 2. "Banh and Mi" by Bao Nguyen documentary about the process of making a banh mi in New York in English 4min30 3. "The Useless Flowers" by Ingrid Wong Tsz Yin The director will be present… Read more →

Screening Program February 2014

1."Mei" by Arvin Chen Silver Berlin Bear award for "Best Short Film" at the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival 2. "16:30" by Tran Dung Thanh Huy Winner of several awards of the Vietnamese Online Short Film Festival Yxine 3. "A toy car" by Gao Chang Student film of California Institute of the Arts Read more →

Screening Program January 2014

Award winning short films by Wayne Yung: (all in English with German subtitles) 1. Search Engine (Canada, 1999) A gay Asian uses technology to remember boyfriends past, in the search for boyfriends future. 4:09 min 2. Field Guide to Western Wildflowers (Canada, 2000) The first Asian kiss 5:33 min 3. My German Boyfriend (Canada/Germany, 2004)… Read more →

Screening Program December 2013

1. "Ghost Wife" by Paul Despins (Taiwan) - A horror comedy about the Chinese tradition of marriage with dead women - 6:34 min in Chinese and English with Chinese and English subtitles 2012 Official Selection Kaohsiung International Film Festival 2013 Official Selection Urban Nomad Film Fest 2. 離魂記 Dionysos, Mother and Me... by 林宗輝 Tsung-Hui… Read more →

Screening Program November 2013

- this time with a special screening of Taiwanese short films from the Tainan 39 Hour Short Film Contestival, presented by Till DiLumière! 1. Don't Move by Yan Zuo-yi - Best Camera @ Tainan 39 Hour - 4:34min, Chinese with English subtitles 2. Bearing Sanctuary by Paul Despins - Horrorfilm in David Lynch style -… Read more →

Screening Program October 2013

- this time with focus on "Identity & Discrimination" 1. "Article of Faith" by Christina Antonakos-Wallace :: Activist Sonny Singh and his efforts to combat bias-based school bullying. (10min, English) :: A part of the documentary "with WINGS and ROOTS" which reframes migration from being a national “problem” to a global reality through the voices… Read more →

Screening Program September 2013

1. "Finding Home" by Thuy Trang Nguyen Thoughts about being German with Vietnamese background - a personal journey into the land of the director's roots. Documentary, 3:30 min, German with English subtitles 2. "Pig Head" by Wong Tszhei (filmmaker from Hongkong) Experimental short, 4:50 min 3. "Vegetable Lolli" by Anna Hong Xian Weird fiction about… Read more →

Screening Program August 2013

Directors of all 3 short films will be present at the screening! 1. „Die Rothaarige“ by Jiang Ding Ding (dffb student) :: fiction, 6 min 40, in Chinese with German subtitle 2. „Pforzheimlich“ by Zheng Tai (member of Magfighters stuntteam) :: winner of short film contest Pforzheim :: heist film, 9 min in German with… Read more →

Screening Program April 2013

Shorts from / about Asian communities in Germany: 1. „Sunday Menu“ by Liesl Nguyen (Berlinale 2011) Fiction short about a teenage girl confronting generational and cross-cultural conflicts through the ritualistic power of food in the suburbs of Berlin. (a HFF production) - Vietnamese, German with English subtitle Q & A with the director Liesl Nguyen!… Read more →

Screening Program March 2013

1. Asian communities in Germany: „Kung Bao Chicken“ by Hongkong director Bin Chuen Choi story about Chinese food in Germany - director attends the screening! - Oberhausen International Short Film Festival 2010 - Chinese with English subtitle, 13' Trailer of „Desi Berlin“ by Anil Yaqoob an upcoming documentary about people from India and Pakistan migrating… Read more →