Kinostart: Berlinale Gewinner Black Coal Thin Ice 白日焰火 am 24. Juli

Kinostart: Berlinale Gewinner Black Coal Thin Ice 白日焰火 am 24. Juli

Der diesjährige Berlinale-Gewinnerfilm "Black Coal Thin Ice" läuft ab dem 24. Juli in den deutschen Kinos unter dem deutschen Titel FEUERWERK AM HELLLICHTEN TAGE. Dieser ist eine Annäherung an den chinesischen Originaltitel: 白日焰火, BAI RI YAN HUO. 白日, Bai Ri, heißt so viel wie „tagsüber, am helllichten Tag“ (wörtlich: „weißer Tag“). 焰火, Yan Huo, bedeutet… Read more →

Screening Program August 2013

Directors of all 3 short films will be present at the screening! 1. „Die Rothaarige“ by Jiang Ding Ding (dffb student) :: fiction, 6 min 40, in Chinese with German subtitle 2. „Pforzheimlich“ by Zheng Tai (member of Magfighters stuntteam) :: winner of short film contest Pforzheim :: heist film, 9 min in German with… Read more →

Screening Program April 2013

Shorts from / about Asian communities in Germany: 1. „Sunday Menu“ by Liesl Nguyen (Berlinale 2011) Fiction short about a teenage girl confronting generational and cross-cultural conflicts through the ritualistic power of food in the suburbs of Berlin. (a HFF production) - Vietnamese, German with English subtitle Q & A with the director Liesl Nguyen!… Read more →

Screening Program February 2013

1) 撒玛利亚 "Samaritan" by Zhang Zi Ning, student of Beijing Film Academy. (A bloody Chinese pulp fiction style short; no language barrier) 2) "Eye of the Panda" by JuBaFilms. (Asian filmmakers based in Germany, specialized in dancing/ choreography films; English) 3) 顶缸 "Scapegoat" by Yoyo Yao, student of Communication University of China. (A black comedy… Read more →

Screening Program December 2012

1. Transitoriness 烟花 by Yang Yue 杨玥 (nominated for the Busan International Film Festival) 2. Letter 信 by Cai Xiao Li 蔡晓莉 (Graduation film of Beijing Film Academy) 3. Das mongolische Mädchen mit der Tüte voller Glücksgefühle by Tatjana Kleut (winner of young talent award of Flensburger Kurzfilmtage) Read more →